Automatic belt screen changer continuous flow


The screen changer for highly contaminated plastic materials, and more…

The screen changer for highly contaminated plastic materials, and more…

  • Continuous flow

Along with its fully automatic functioning, Principe Evo is a screen changer that needs to be seen to be believed.

  • Savings

The savings obtained from this automatic belt screen changer continuous flow come from reduced operating costs, and a significant productivity increase.

This is made possible by the following features:

  • Continuous production.
  • Maintenance Personnel are limited to one simple task – the changing of the filter rolls.
    The wield-free operation does not need special equipment, and can be carried out during the normal production cycle. The life of a 100-metre roll depends on the degree of contamination.
  • It does not require routine maintenance.
  • Replacement components are not required during the normal filtration cycles.
  • There is only one consumable –  the filter rolls.
  • Filter management ensures maximum performance of the entire filtering surface.
  • Reduced waste production.
  • Maximum reliability

  • (This is because) The reliability of automatic belt screen changer continuous flow comes from its design strength, careful implementation and follow-up checks of each component before assembly. Except for the heat treatment, the construction process takes place entirely in our workshops.High quality hardened steel used in the construction and all components that make up the machine are considered equally important.
  • – Acceptance Test

    CM Evolution Plast relies on plants capable of filtration tests on the customer materials.

    As part of its philosophy CM Evolution Plast wants its customers to carry out these essential tests so that the customer can rely upon them.

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  • – Assistance

    CM Evolution Plast’s work is defined by its testing, commissioning and after-sales service.

    The automatic belt screen changer continuous flow Principe Evo is designed to ensure long-term trouble-free operation. It is a bond created with the customer which is established with the implementation of the device, and never stops.

    Whatever the Customer’s need, CM Evolution Plast will be there with the spare parts and components required for any timely maintenance.

    Wherever they are and at any time, Customers can use our remote assistance service and count on our support.

    – Other important advantages

    • The filtering surface’s excellent management provides a slight precise pressure control which avoids any melt alteration.
    • The fully automatic control of the screen changer mechanisms performs with such precision it can ensure an extreme process stability.
    • Great ease of handling of the waste material. Replacing the dirty filters reduces the shear flows in the outlet and places the material in an easy-draining container.
    • Simple and safe system due to the linearity of the mechanisms.
    • Material spills and leaks are kept under control and avoided thanks to the innovative EvoBlock and EvoPulling (both Italian patent pending).


  •  – Maximum reliability

  • –   The environment in which the automatic belt screen changer continuous flow Principe Evo works, and its ease of management, makes it suitable for selector controls. Upon request we can provide touch screen controls or displays for reading of various parameters.-              The machine is prepared for installation according to the customer’s inlet and outlet flange requirements.


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